Fern Ness Science Illustration - Fine Art - Design


As you can see from my website, I especially love painting flowers. In my work, I strive to express the joy and delight of walking in the garden and chancing upon a perfect open flower. Flowers make me happy and I hope you feel some of that happiness as you view these paintings. I'm still striving to fully capture the sparkle of sunlight and depth of shadow in each painting and as a self-taught artist, I delight in constantly learning and evolving.

I was born in the south of England but emigrated to Saskatchewan as a young child. Growing up on the prairies where the winters are so long and spring is so anticipated imbued me with a deep love for and appreciation of nature. My husband and I recently retired and moved to Powell River, British Columbia where I paint in my home studio close to the forest and the ocean. The abundance of plant life in this coastal area where we now live is a constant source of pleasure for me and gives me unlimited material to paint.

If you would like to discuss my work please contact me at fern.ness@gmail.com.

Thank you,